Guide to keeping a Human

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Hello fellow Traveler! Since you are holding this article I assume that you have had a Human join or wanting to join your crew and are now wondering how to keep them alive and safe.

In the following short article I will give you a few tips to keep your human alive, happy and productive.

Human Biology – Injury classification

Humans have a special biology, just as any other species you will meet out there. A few basics that everybody should know:

Humans have an endoskeleton composed of mostly calcium. This skeleton is surrounded by a soft tissue composed of two thirds H₂O. Inside this tissue runs a liquid nutrient transport network called the “Cadriovascular system”. Ensure that the transport liquid (called “blood”) stays inside your human if you do not want to risk them dying.

The main processing network of a human resides inside the head of a human. While its very resistant to damage it is a definite weak-spot of humans. Do not let your human play headbutt with candelorians or you will have a dead human on your hands.

Humans are very picky eaters and have a very specific diet that changes from human to human. To keep your human healthy and also save you a lot of headaches I would suggest you buy a good programmable replicator and use HumaFood™ by NutriVec as base material.

Humans have this habit called “sleeping” where they go unconcious for several hours a day. This is nothing to worry about and completely normal.

Humans consider pretty much everything that has fur to be very cute and have made one of the deadliest carnivore hunters earth has given raise to a household pet. Be aware that your human will consider a telorian Direstalker a "big puppy" and might try to cuddle it. Keep first aid medicine close.